RayShield® Shatter Resistant Mobile X-Ray Barriers


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AADCO’s safety-film glass panels have a special plastic film on the outside of the clear lead glass,making them shatter resistant.  The exclusive design of these innovative clear lead glass panels provide a level of safety that other lead glass barrier manufacturers are unable to match.

RayShield® barriers solve a variety of x-ray protection problems while offering a wide field of view and excellent body protection. Six sizes of barriers are available in 2.0mm lead equivalence on a brush finished, highly durable 6061 anodized aluminum frame.  Supporting brackets and hardware are stainless steel.

With no paint to chip, these barriers maintain their like new appearance for many years. Opaque Panel is highly durable kydex material. Casters are medical grade. Foot operated caster locks allow for fixing barrier position. Lifetime Warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.

Overall Size75″ h x 30″ w75″ h x 36″ w75″ h x 30″ w75″ h x 48″ w75″ h x 72″ w75″ h x 48″ w
Window Panel24″ h x 30″ w24″ h x 36″ w48″ h x 30″ w30″ h x 48″ w36″ h x 72″ w36″ h x 48″ w
Opaque Panel48″ h x 30″ h48″ h x 36″ w24″ h x 30″ w42″ h x 48″ w36″ h x 72″ w36″ h x 48″ w

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S-702A, S-707A, S-706A, S-700A, S-701A, S-705A

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