OSPL-5 and OSPL-3 LED Surgical Lamp Heads




OSPL-5 and OSPL-3 LED Lamps provide high quality LED procedure lighting with adjustable color temperature. These LEDs meet IES LM-802008 standards, providing high intensity lighting and proper color rendition. The OSPL-5 offers a light intensity of 160,000 Lux, and the OSPL-3 provides 130,000 Lux, both at a distance of one meter.

SpecificationOSPL-3 SpecificationsOSPL-5 Specifications
Light intensity at one meter≥130,000 Lux≥ 160,000 Lux
Color Temperature Adjustment3,500K/4,000K/4,500K/5,000K3,500K/4,000K/4,500K/5,000K
Spot Diameter200mm-350mm200mm-350mm
Color Rendering Index≥96≥ 96
Total Irradiance460W/m2510W/m2
Service life of Illuminant30 h30 h
Six-dimensional Joint360°360°

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