Hercules® Super Heavy Duty Lifter



Custom Built for your specific needs and capable of holding loads up to 200 lbs, the Super Heavy Duty Lifter can easily support a 60 inch flat screen display or multiple smaller flat panel displays. It can also be easily retrofitted to existing ceiling tracks that are rated for loads of 300 lbs or more. The Super-Lifter has 350° horizontal rotation and 45° vertical movement of the spring arm. The base mount point of the spring arm also allows 350° rotation.

The display mount allows up to 15° vertical tilt of the display. The Super-Lifter is available for both track and fixed mounted overhead suspension systems.

Not Available MRI-Safe®.

The Super-Lifter may be paired with a custom trolley for an existing track mounted overhead system, or with AADCO’s Track & Trolley (see OSP-70), and will be priced per specifications.

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