RayShield ® X-ray Protective Glasses
Our glasses are manufactured in our in-house optical lab to the highest standard in the industry. They offer the superior protection of a highly quality controlled optically-correct lead glass lens. They feature better balance than many other leaded X-ray protective glasses. Genuine RayShield® X-ray Glasses are the industry’s premium product.
Ordering Prescription Glasses:
Prescription orders require the following information included on or with the purchase order:(1) Prescription (2) specific lens type; single vision, standard bifocal or progressive (invisible) bifocal (3) height of bifocal (Note: We will place bifocal height on center unless otherwise specified) (4) Pupillary Distance.
In some cases glasses may need special fitting. This should be done, after receipt, by a qualified optician. When ordering bifocals you may wish to have the bifocal height measured. This should be done with the specific eyeglass frame you’re ordering. Upon receipt of the order we will arrange to send you a frame so that measurements may be made by your local optometrist, optician or ophthalmologist. Note: Prescription orders are not returnable.
It’s all about the long term eye exposure.
The National & International Conferences on Radiation Protection (ICRP & NCRP) have set
recommended standards: “”Lens/Eye Dose should be limited to 15 RADs per year (ICRP/NCRP). ”
They have also concluded that “Cataracts occur with cumulative dose between 200 to 500 RADs (ICRP/NCRP).”
Based on an average Lens/Eye Dose of 62 milleRads per hour, shown below and an average of 576 hours of Fluoroscopy per year some clinicians are receiving doses of 35.7 RADs per year.
In a 30 year career this amounts to 1,071 RADs if the operator is standing
upright. Far more if crouched or seated (about 5,184 Rads).
All Glass X-ray Protective Lenses, regardless of manufacturer, present a significant risk of eye injury if the lens is damaged in any way. Plastic and poly carbonate lenses can reduce this risk, but do not, by themselves, provide any protection from X-rays.
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