A high quality and economical option that’s always in stock and ready to ship.

AADCO’s Z™ Aprons are manufactured in large quantities and limited colors to reduce cost, with the same high quality material (X-Ban®) as our RayShield® and ComfortLite™ Aprons. All Z™ Aprons include AADCO’s No Inspection, 1 Year Warranty.

Advanced X-Ban® material, when used in 0.5mm lead equivalence, has effective radiation attenuation that provides 98% attenuation of scattered radiation at 80 KVP, and 94.1% at 100 KVP. These are independent test results, certified by the National Physics Laboratory to the BS En 6133-1:2002 International Standard.

Available in a Variety of Styles & Colors

  • Wraparound
  • Vest & Kilt
  • Waist Adjustable
  • Support Buckle
  • Quick-Drop OR Apron
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