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Radiation Protection

AADCO manufactures a diverse product line for X-ray protection
Control Booths & Modular Radiation Shielding Panels

RayShield® Acrylic Control Booths & Modular Radiation Shielding Panels

AADCO produces several varieties, and can manufacture a custom solution.

Clear Lead Acrylic & Opaque panels combined with our prefabricated Anodized Aluminum Framework Components can be used to fit a wide variety of Planning and Architectural Conditions. Anodized Aluminum Framework Components are available fabricated to size for Clear Lead Acrylic up to 35mm.

Because we’re the manufacturer, custom size Barriers & Shields are available!

Call for more information and quotation.

RayShield® Barriers

Stationary X-ray Protective barriers

Seated and upright interventional barriers, free-standing barriers, mobile barriers, pivoting over-table barriers, SideWinder™, and Intensi-Barriers™.

RayShield® Shields

X-ray Protective shields

Under-table shields, Dual-Lock, Single and Double Pivot, Non-Pivoting shields, Velcro-on shields, and sterile shield Band Bags.


X-Drape® Sterile Field X-ray shielding drapes

X-ray aprons guarantee little, except protection of most major organs. What they don’t protect is the eyes, face, hands, arms, legs and head.

X-Drape® is actually the first line of defense for these critical parts. When correctly used X-Drape® stops most radiation at the source. That source is the scattered radiation coming from the patients body.

If not stopped from reaching the professionals in the lab, the cumulative effects, from scattered radiation, to the unprotected areas, from hundred or even thousands of procedures, will over time, likely adversely impact their health. This can potentially lead to unexpected damage, disease and even premature death. Especially for those who work closest to the radiation source during procedures.

Effectively Reduces Scattered Radiation Exposure up to 98%.

Radiation Dose Mitigation for the Eyes,Hands, Arms & Thyroid.

Reduces Overall Body Radiation Dose Radiation Badge Readings

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