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Protective Wear

CT & X-ray protection, including gloves, eyewear, and aprons.
RayShield® X-ray Protective Glasses

It’s all about the long term eye exposure.

AADCO's glasses are manufacturered in our in-house optical lab to the highest standard in the industry. They offer the superior protection of a highly quality controlled optically-correct lead glass lens. They feature better balance than many other X-ray lead protective eye glasses. Genuine RayShield® X-ray Glasses are the industry's premium product.

OptiSafe™ Disposable Eye Shields

Clean, Economical, Disposable Splash Protection at Your Fingertips./p>

Gloves are replaced between patients - Shouldn't your eye shields be replaced too?
OptiSafe™ protective eyeshields provide clean, economical, disposable eye protection that is readily available to pickup and go from our convenient dispenser box.

X-ray Protective Gloves

These quality gloves provide maximum protection in a durable but flexible glove design.

Different models and styles of X-ray Protective Gloves.
Quality Rayshield® X-ray attenuating sterile procedure gloves provide increased protection from direct X-ray beam and scattered radiation exposure during any procedure requiring the use of X-ray fluoroscopy.

RayShield® Radiation Reducing CT Shields

Provides Critical Radiation Dose Mitigation for CT Patients Eyes, Breasts & Thyroid.
Reduces Dose Without Compromising Imaging.

Offers greatly enhanced radiation dose reduction in critical areas of the eyes, breasts & thyroid. At .07mm lead equivalence it improves dose reductions well beyond conventional CT methods, and can provide greater dose reduction than competitive products.
Meets ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) guidelines, at the lowest competitive price and the lowest cost per procedure.

Disposable Comfort-Fit™ X-ray Shielded Procedure Cap

Scattered Radiation Head Protection for all personnel during diagnostic and interventional X-ray Fluoroscopy Procedures.

Shielding material is concentrated on the sides where it provides excellent protection. The top is made of a light weight ventilated material, which helps keep you cool and comfortable.

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ComfortLite™ Premium X-ray Protective Caps

ComfortLite™ Caps wrap X-ray Protection comfortably around your head providing protection of critical brain anatomy, while utilizing the perforated white top fabric to keep you as cool as possible, while doing so. ComfortLite Caps are a "one size fits all" solution available in 3 lead equivalent protective values.

ComfortLite™ X-ray Protective Vests, Kilts & Caps

Made with "High Spec" X-Ban® X-ray Attenuating Materials.

Our customers asked and we listened. They told us about the features they most desired in their X-ray Protective Garments: Light Weight, Comfortable Feel & Excellent X-ray Protection. So, we created ComfortLite™. Simply stated, ComfortLite™ will be the most comfortable, lightest weight, full protection apron you have ever worn.

ErgoLite™ X-ray Protective Aprons, Vests & Kilts

Prevent Repetitive Stress of the Shoulders, Neck & Back, that May Result in Career Shortening Injuries

U.S. Patent Nos. 5,834,789, 5,844,246 & 8,710,477

The first and only X-ray Protective Aprons ever to eliminate 100% of weight and contact at the shoulder areas, are our special Patented ErgoLite® Zero Fatigue Aprons. By using a reinforced but flexible internal framework, AADCO Medical has designed aprons that can entirely eliminate the Repetitive Stress and Fatigue Problems of the upper back and extremities associated with the shoulder contact and weight of conventional X-ray aprons.

ErgoLite® Zero Fatigue aprons are the only products of their type. All of our ErgoLite® Aprons are made with our premium superlightweight & LeadFree X-Ban® protective material.

SuperLightweight X-Ban® Aprons, Vests & Kilts

Z™ Aprons Top Quality, Sale Priced.

Manufactured in large quantities and limited colors to reduce cost, with the same High Quality materials as all our RayShield® & ComfortLite™ Aprons. Includes AADCO's No Inspection, 1 Year Warranty.

X-ray Protective Accessories

X-ray Protection in other forms.

ComfortLite™ Maternity Apron, RayShield® Scoliosis Shield, ComfortLite™ Thyroid Shields, ComfortLite™ Thyroid Flares, RayShield® Half Aprons, Apron Sleeves for RayShield® or ComfortLite™ Aprons, RayShield® Maternity Shield, Snap-Ring Mini Aprons, & Backsaver Belt™ for RayShield®, Ergolite® or ComfortLite™ Aprons.

RayShield® X-ray Apron Racks

Mobile and Mounted Apron Rack Hanging Solutions

For ErgoLite & Conventional Aprons:
ErgoLite® Mobile Swivel Arm Apron Rack, RayShield®/ErgoLite® Apron Rack, Mobile Lead Protective Apron Caddy, Wall Mounted Pivoting Apron Racks, Lightweight, solid metal wall mounted apron racks, RayShield® and ErgoLite® Apron Hangers

ComfortLite™ X-ray Protective Wear Catalog

View and/or Download the latest 8 page ComfortLite™ X-ray Protective Wear catalog.

ComfortLite™ is made to be the Lightest weight, most comfortable, full protection apron available anywhere today. Best put, AADCO is Radiation Protection by Radiologic Technologists who care about Radiation Protection of our colleagues. We know what it is to work with Radiation, day in & out. And we are dedicated to your safety.
We also recommend also downloading our Core catalog, which has almost everything.

AADCO Core Catalog 2018 (Volume 47)

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