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The industry's pioneering manufacturer of
MRI-Safe® equipment, apparatus, and accessories.

How AADCO entered into the MRI-Safe® equipment manufacturing world.
In 2004, AADCO was called upon to provide MRI-Safe® Equipment Suspension Systems for an Experimental Image Guided Therapy MRI-Lab at MGH Massachusetts General Hospital. Other providers had promised to supply this equipment but failed. AADCO worked with the MGH team based on the requirements of two GE Physicists to successfully design the first MRI-Safe® Prototype Equipments Suspension System for that lab. Meeting their requirements our MRI-Safe® Units were successfully installed and utilized.

This project led to the development of AADCO’s MRI-Safe® Equipment Suspension Systems of today, with many installations in the USA and Europe, notably 4 labs at NYU Medical Center and 2 at Mayo Clinic facilities.

AADCO custom designs MRI-Safe® environments

Contact us to help design an MRI-Safe® environment for your location. We have trained contractors to install it wherever you are in the contiguous United States.

Built specifically for MRI use, our Ceiling Mounted Counter-Poised MRI-Safe® Equipment Suspension provides outstanding versatility of use in MRI Labs for a large number of MRI equipment applications. When strategically placed, they allow for equipment to be located in a wide variety of positions. Manufactured entirely of Non-Ferrous Materials, our MRI-Safe® Overhead Systems are non-magnetic to 3 Tesla. In addition to providing a near ideal mounting platform for MRI Injectors, our Equipment Suspensions are versatile and can be used to mount a wide variety of other MRI Lab devices.

Hercules® Overhead Suspension Systems

The only MRI-Safe® equipment suspensions available anywhere.

AADCO Medical’s Hercules® Suspension Systems are the new standard in quality, durability and flexibility. Our overhead suspension systems meet the needs and rigors of all of today’s diagnostic & interventional lab environments, including MRI-Safe® systems specially designed to operate safely in MRI environments, tested to 3 Tesla.

Hercules® Systems are precision machined, high strength, aircraft grade aluminum alloy that is stronger than steel of equal weight. There are no cold welds, cheaply stamped parts or weak points to fail, in our UL validated and certified Hercules systems.

MRI-Safe® Retrofit Pole Mount

Manufactured entirely of Non-Ferrous materials, our MRI Counter-Poised Stand is non-magnetic to 3 Tesla.

A device built specifically for MRI & CT Gantry use, our Pole Mounted Counter-Poised Equipment Suspension provides outstanding reach and versatility of use in MRI & CT Labs.
Simplicity of installation allows this device to be installed without interference with, or penetration of, the Faraday RF Shield in MR Labs. Cementing a small piece of plywood to that shield above the drop ceiling provides minimal required support, with most weight being transferred to the floor.

Hercules® Optional Equipment

Injector Mounts, ErgoLite® LED Examination & Procedure Lamps, and more for Hercules® Suspension Systems.

These mounts are engineered to be ultra-lightweight, so that Single and Dual Mount Models may be hung on traditional overhead systems, that normally carry X-ray Barriers, Injectors and small procedure lamps.

There are also special MRI-Safe® versions of our LCD mounts that are designed specifically for our exclusive MRI-Safe® Overhead Suspension Systems. Our Single and Dual Mount MRI-Safe® Overhead Systems, accommodate the single and double LCD mounts.

MRI-Safe® Safety Screening Equipment

These quality products provide maximum protection before entering MR areas, or aid in the forensics in case of an incident.

FerrAlert™ Halo II Plus -
  The Best Ferromagnetic Detector for ACR Zone IV Protection
FerrAlert™ Solo -
  The best Ferromagnetic Detector solution for ACR Zones II and III Pre-Screening
Ferralert™ Film -
  A continuous, automatic visual data record of potential and actual projectile incidents
GaussAlert™ -
  Magnetic Field Strength Alarm, Ferromagnetic Detector
And also -
MRI Pre-Scan Metal Detector, Hand Held Screening Magnet, Light Up Wall Signs, and MRI-Safe® Floor Mat

MRI-Safe® RayShield® Mounted and Mobile Barriers

Provides critical X-ray radiation dose mitigation and is MRI-Safe®.

RayShield® acrylic control booths, modular radiation shielding panels and RayShield® acrylic mobile X-ray barriers solve a variety of X-ray protection problems while offering a wide field of view and excellent X-ray body protection.

Clear lead acrylic & opaque panels combined with our prefabricated anodized aluminum framework components can be used to fit a wide variety of planning and architectural conditions.

Anodized aluminum framework components are available fabricated to size for clear lead acrylic up to 35mm.

AADCO produces several varieties, and can manufacture a custom solution. Because we’re the manufacturer, custom size barriers & shields are available!

MRI-Safe® LED Lighting

Mounted or mobile High Performance Procedure & Surgical solutions.

AADCO's lighting technology offers cutting edge performance with precise, uniform, homogeneous lighting both on the surface as well as for deep cavity procedures thanks to innovative shadow control.
Durable - Almost unlimited LED life expectancy from the IES LM-80-2008 standard delivers tremendous product reliability and investment protection.
Efficient - Environmentally sensitive low power consumption and durable LEDs minimize environmental impact.
Optimized Shadow Management - AADCO has harnessed the farreaching potential of the multi-lens matrix to virtually eliminate shadows.

Some models are MRI-Safe®. Mounted lighting can use AADCO's Hercules® Overhead Suspensions. Mobile lighting systems have long-life rechargeable batteries that can recharge on standard wall outlets. Excellent for surgical, procedure, and exam rooms.

MRI-Safe® Patient Transfer Equipment

MRI-Safe® Patient Transfer Aids, Wheelchairs, Stretchers, Gurneys, & Trolley.

MRI-Safe® wheelchairs, many different models (weight capacities, widths, with or without holders and poles)
Transport gurneys, trolleys & stretchers (multi-level lift, heavy-duty transport, handcrank, pediatric, and fixed)
MRI-Safe® EasySlider™ patient movers
MRI-Safe® Walkers
MRI-Safe® Transfer Chair

MRI-Safe® Carts

MRI-Safe® Compatible and Conditional Carts.

MRI-Safe® Carts, Conditional Carts - basic, emergency package, anesthesia package, and accessories (in your choice of colors!)
MRI-Safe® MRI Compatible PVC Linen Hampers (in your choice of colors!)
MRI-Safe® MRI Compatible Multi-Purpose Carts (in your choice of colors!)

MRI-Safe® Personal Accessories

MRI-Safe® personal products and accessories.

MRI-Safe® I.V. poles, MRI-Safe® Stools, Step Stools, Mayo stands, MRI-Safe® Radial Entry Arm Board, MRI-Safe® prism glasses, MRI-Safe® Stethoscope, MRI-Safe® Fiber Optic Laryngoscopes (kits or pieces), MRI Scissors, Disposable Sterile Nonmagnetic Scalpels, MRI Conditional Flashlight and batteries

MRI-Safe® Tools

Standard MRI Non-Magnetic Tools.

MRI-Safe® Tools (Standard non-magnetic) sold individually or in kits.

NF-TGE18 GE MR Titanium 18 Piece 3 Tesla tool kit, NF-TSN35 - Siemens 35 Piece MRI 3 Tesla Tool kit, NF-TPHL19 - Phillips 19pc MRI 3 Tesla tool kit, NF-240 - MRI Compatible 6 piece Tool Kit
and/or individually:
Knives, Hammer, Hex Keys, Allen Keys, Screwdrivers, Wrenches, Wire Strippers, Disposable Sterile Nonmagnetic Scalpels, MRI Conditional Flashlight and batteries

MRI Suite Cleaning Products

MR Conditional Cleaning Supplies.

MR Conditional Dual Bucket Press System, Non-Magnetic Mop with Handle, MR Conditional Janitorial Cart, and the MRI Cleaning Non-Magnetic Wand.

ASTM Compliant Equipment Labels

Our permanent Self-Adhesive Labels will meet your labeling needs for ASTM compliance in labeling your equipment and accessories.

All packs contain Square MR SAFE, Triangular MR CONDITIONAL, and Circular MR UNSAFE. (Except for the Custom order of any 30 labels.)

AADCO MRI-Safe® Catalog

View and/or Download the latest AADCO MRI-Safe® catalog

For offline or online viewing, the PDF version of our 32 page AADCO MR Equipment Catalog.
AADCO has many more MRI-Safe® products than is listed in this particular version, so we recommend also downloading our Core catalog (which has the link in the menu bar on every page of our website.
Or click here:

AADCO Core Catalog 2018 (Volume 47)

How to recognize MRI-Safe® equipment in this website

Many of AADCO's products have MRI-Safe® variations. We will often use the MR symbols throughout the website.
MRI-Safe® obviously is absolutely MR safe in normal usage.
MR in a green box designates MRI-Safe® products.
MR in a yellow triangle designates conditional MRI-Safe®, sometimes specifically as well (such as "to 3 Tesla").
MR in a red cross out circle designates products that are MR Unsafe.
All MRI-Safe® Products have been individually tested for magnetic properties. MRI -Safe® products are only designated as such after the type of scrupulous testing that provides you with the level of safety confidence you need.

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