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Patient Positioners, Armboards, Table Pads, Patient Transfer Aids, Restraints, Devices, Straps, Markers

Radial armboards and armboard pads.

The Universal Radial Entry Arm Board, the Easy-Pivot™ Arm Board, & the Easy-Pivot™ Wide Armboard are Radiolucent/Carbon Fiber and designed for all purpose use, including procedures in which an image intensifier is used. Other than the pivot joint, the armboard is constructed of all radiolucent materials so that no metal parts should interfere with X-rays.

Armboard Pads
Replacement Arm Board Pads have waterproof seams and are covered with conductive vinyl. They include Velcro® to secure pads to armboard.

Table Pads

Many different types and styles of Table Pads are supported, including MRI-Safe® & CT Table Pads.
Also, we have several different types of Table Pad materials and Upholstery.

Five Types of Advanced Table Pad Materials
Lo-Sorb™: Low X-ray Absorption Table Pads, Pressure Displacing Foam™, Contour Foam™, Lami-Foam™, & Super-Support Foam™.
Four Types of Advanced Table Pad Upholstery
Black Nylon, Blue Vinyl, Black Conductive, & PolyGuard™ Coating.

Procedure Accessories

The little things that are so very useful.

Patient Safety Straps for Somatome and MRI/CT.
Quik-Strap™ (in 5 different widths), Ulna Nerve Protector, Conductive Upholstered Pillows, Advanced ArmShield, Arterial Cannulization Support, & Disposable Arterial Cannulization Support.

C-Gel™ Dry Elasto-Polymer Pads & Positioners

C-Gel™ Exclusively by AADCO Medical, Inc.

AADCO’s C-Gel™ pads and positioners are already in use in hospital operating rooms throughout the USA. C-Gel™ Pads are made from tissue equivalent dry elasto-polymer gel that won't leak or flow. C-Gel™ Pads contain no latex or silicones. They are X-ray translucent (radiolucent at tissue equivalence) and artifact free. They are easy to clean with most standard disinfectants. They do not absorb body fluids or support bacterial growth and should remain odor free. C-Gel’s™ polymer is fire-retardant. C-Gel™ Pads and Positioners are made to the highest standards and performance requirements of today’s demanding clinical environment.

Positioners, Positioning Aids, & Sand Bags

Our Advanced Polyfoam Positioners are in stock items, available in 4 standard types.

All positioners are made from the highest quality Polyfoam F/R™ & Durafoam™ materials. Available with Armor-Guard™ Coated, Nylon Covered, Vinyl Upholstered, and Regular.

Patient Transfer Aids & Restraints

EasySlider™, MiniMover™, Roll Aid Patient Transfer Aid, and Quik-Strap™

Move your patients easily and effectively, without lifting, with The EasySlider™.
Whenever a smaller patient mover is desirable or necessary you need the MiniMover™.
This lightweight Roll Aid Patient Transfer device allows two or even one person to move a patient from one surface to another without lifting and with relative ease.
Quik-Strap™ eliminates the need to use adhesive tapes to secure patients when positioning or restraining. This strong but comfortable strap is a versatile Velcro® type material, which may be cut to any length desired. The strap seals to itself with a Velcro® type closure, placing a soft pile material against the patient's skin.

Measuring Devices & Film Marking/ID Markers

Radiopaque Measuring Scales, See-Thru Radiographic Ruler, X-Ray Caliper, Film Identification Markers

These special rulers are used whenever a direct reading or measurements on the radiograph is necessary. Ruler allows direct reading of measurements on the radiograph by one single exposure without further computation or obscuring of the X-ray image.
Our aluminum X-ray Thickness Caliper incorporates the quality design features of more expensive calipers with genuine improvements and American Craftsmanship. The caliper is calibrated in both inches and centimeters to measure the thickness of areas to be x-rayed.

Many Miscellaneous and Accessorities items are in the MRI-Safe® category and page.
Here are the Directly Related pages:

MRI-Safe® Patient Transfer Equipment

MRI-Safe® Patient Transfer Aids, Wheelchairs, Stretchers, Gurneys, & Trolley.

MRI-Safe® wheelchairs, many different models (weight capacities, widths, with or without holders and poles)
Transport gurneys, trolleys & stretchers (multi-level lift, heavy-duty transport, handcrank, pediatric, and fixed)
MRI-Safe® EasySlider™ patient movers
MRI-Safe® Walkers
MRI-Safe® Transfer Chair

MRI-Safe® Carts

MRI-Safe® Compatible and Conditional Carts.

MRI-Safe® Carts, Conditional Carts - basic, emergency package, anesthesia package, and accessories (in your choice of colors!)
MRI-Safe® MRI Compatible PVC Linen Hampers (in your choice of colors!)
MRI-Safe® MRI Compatible Multi-Purpose Carts (in your choice of colors!)

MRI-Safe® Personal Accessories

MRI-Safe® personal products and accessories.

MRI-Safe® I.V. poles, MRI-Safe® Stools, Step Stools, Mayo stands, MRI-Safe® Radial Entry Arm Board, MRI-Safe® prism glasses, MRI-Safe® Stethoscope, MRI-Safe® Fiber Optic Laryngoscopes (kits or pieces), MRI Scissors, Disposable Sterile Nonmagnetic Scalpels, MRI Conditional Flashlight and batteries

MRI-Safe® Tools

Standard MRI Non-Magnetic Tools.

MRI-Safe® Tools (Standard non-magnetic) sold individually or in kits.

NF-TGE18 GE MR Titanium 18 Piece 3 Tesla tool kit, NF-TSN35 - Siemens 35 Piece MRI 3 Tesla Tool kit, NF-TPHL19 - Phillips 19pc MRI 3 Tesla tool kit, NF-240 - MRI Compatible 6 piece Tool Kit
and/or individually:
Knives, Hammer, Hex Keys, Allen Keys, Screwdrivers, Wrenches, Wire Strippers, Disposable Sterile Nonmagnetic Scalpels, MRI Conditional Flashlight and batteries

MRI Suite Cleaning Products

MR Conditional Cleaning Supplies.

MR Conditional Dual Bucket Press System, Non-Magnetic Mop with Handle, MR Conditional Janitorial Cart, and the MRI Cleaning Non-Magnetic Wand.

RayShield® X-ray Apron Racks

Mobile and Mounted Apron Rack Hanging Solutions

For ErgoLite & Conventional Aprons:
ErgoLite® Mobile Swivel Arm Apron Rack, RayShield®/ErgoLite® Apron Rack, Mobile Lead Protective Apron Caddy, Wall Mounted Pivoting Apron Racks, Lightweight, solid metal wall mounted apron racks, RayShield® and ErgoLite® Apron Hangers

Imaging Accessories

Accessories for C-arms, X-ray Shields and Barriers.

Easy-Grip™ C-arm Image Intensifier Handles

Disposable (Cling-On Monitor) Screen Protectors™

Sterile Dome Bags for Image Intensifiers and Tube Heads

Sterile Band Bags for Overhead X-ray Barriers,Intensi-Barrier™, SideWinder, and Under-table Shields and Bags

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