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Innovative Imaging Equipment

Digital Radiology and Fluoroscopy devices, Lighting, Hardware, and Accessories
AADCO produces a diverse product line for X-ray, Fluoroscopy, and Digital Imaging

Large hardware systems, retrofits, upgrades, and suspension systems.
Complete portable systems that can be wheeled or even carried.
Fluoroscopic imaging tables that are mobile, solid, and extremely adjustable.
LED lighting solutions for operating rooms and exam rooms, mounted and portable models available.
Laser Aimer & Image Intensifier add-ons for C-arms.
Some models are MRI-Safe®.
Lightning Plus

Instant Digital Radiographic Solution

The Lightning Plus allows the end user to use DR in any existing X-ray Room (Radiographic) or with any X-ray Portable. Amazingly, it requires no installation or calibration. It works with your X-ray system’s phototimer or even when there is no photo-timing, using conventional radiographic techniques.

It includes a wireless 17”x17” Cesium Iodide DR Imaging panel (weight 6 lbs.) and a 15.6 inch touchscreen laptop workstation. The system includes all necessary image acquisition, image processing software, and DICOM compatibility.

Digital Radiography Systems

Complete solutions for DR and Imaging
(Straight-arms, U-arms, 1-Panel & 2-Panel systems)

Our Motorized AADCO DR systems are general digital radiographic systems designed for maximum flexibility with intuitive controls for optimum workflow and clinical productivity. It can easily perform the full range of radiographic studies for ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients, standing, seated or tabletop, including all general radiographic procedures and trauma applications.

The totally integrated systems combine the modern technology of a High Frequency X-Ray Generator with Digital Flat Panel technology for Direct Digital Image acquisition; all designed with a user-friendly, intuitive operating system for easy positioning of any patient.

AADCO American™ C-arms

Compact C-arm & CMOS FP C-arm.

Designed in USA. Engineered by Americans. USA-built premium software. Supported by a USA-based team of Software Engineers. Proudly Assembled in the USA.

Featuring a 15kW High Performance Mono-Block Generator with matched performance Rotating Anode X-ray Tubes. These C-arm systems provide high performance pulse fluoroscopy for crisp imaging and ALARA dose savings.

All AADCO American™ C-arms feature 135 degree orbital rotation and generous 31.5 inches free space, rotating touch screen control tablet on the C-arm, with customizable menus & controls. Our USA built premium software includes versatile diagnostic tools, database management and custom capabilities. The AADCO 2099 and AADCO 2099 Compact are equipped with a High Resolution Digital Imaging Camera providing superb image detail and clarity with a 1k x 1k imaging matrix.

Digital Radiology Upgrades

Remanufactured Devices and Retrofit Kits

Available for GE/OEC C-Arms, AMX machines (including portables), and other devices.

The 9800 CMOS is the first fully developed digital flat panel retrofit kit designed specifically for the GE/OEC 9800 mobile C-arm. Extend the life of your existing 9800 and provide vast improvement in both image quality and dose reduction, allowing for better more efficient patient care. It fully integrates with original GE Software, at a fraction of the price of a new C-arm.

AADCO's AMX-4 Plus DR Portable will seamlessly replace your tired old AMX or any Portable Machine, with a Remanufactured, Like New, DR Equipped AMX-4 Portable covered with a 2 Year Warranty including the X-ray Tube. Comes with a New Wireless Cesium Iodide 17x17 Flat Panel.

Imaging Tables

Mobile Imaging Tables for any environment

Designed and built with C-arm Fluoroscopy in mind, AADCO mobile Imaging Tables cater to your needs. Easy to move, with locking casters and essential adjustability control. Various movement locks make sure your target stays in place.

AADCO Imaging Tables are an excellent choice for your hospital, practice or office.
Excellent for C-arm and various Digital Radiographic uses.

Procedure & Surgical LED Lighting

Mounted or mobile high-performance lighting solutions.

AADCO's lighting technology offers cutting edge performance with precise, uniform, homogeneous lighting both on the surface as well as for deep cavity procedures thanks to innovative shadow control.

Some models are MRI-Safe®.
Mounted lighting can use AADCO's Hercules® Overhead Suspensions.
Mobile lighting systems have long-life rechargeable batteries that can recharge on standard wall outlets, and have an 8-hour battery life when fully charged.
AADCO's LED lighting is durable, efficient, bright, sterile, hygenic, cooler and excellent for surgical, procedure, and exam rooms.

LaserX™ C-arm Laser Aimer

Improve accuracy, safety, and productivity

AADCO's Exclusive Universal Image Intensifier Laser Aimer fits on virtually any 6", 9" or 12" Image Intensifier. LaserX™ Aimer provides virtually any C-arm with accurate visual aiming of the X-ray beam. LaserX™ Aimer can be fitted to any C-arm and properly aligned in minutes. LaserX™ Aimer slips on and is tightened in place. It requires no mechanical modification of the Image Intensifier or power from the Image Intensifier. The LaserX™ Aimer is powered by it's own self-contained batteries, no electrical connection required.

Imaging Accessories

Accessories for C-arms and Monitors

Easy-Grip™ C-arm Image Intensifier Handles, Disposable (Cling-On Monitor) Screen Protectors™, and Sterile Dome Bags for Image Intensifiers and Tube Heads.

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Hercules® Overhead Suspension Systems

The only MRI-Safe® Equipment Suspensions available anywhere

AADCO Medical’s Hercules Suspension Systems are the new standard in quality, durability and flexibility. Our Overhead Suspension Systems meet the needs and rigors of all of today’s Diagnostic & Interventional Lab Environments, including MRI-Safe® systems specially designed to operate safely in MRI environments tested to 3 Tesla.

Hercules Systems are precision machined, high strength, aircraft grade aluminum alloy that is stronger than steel of equal weight. There are no cold welds, cheaply stamped parts or weak points to fail, in our UL validated and certified Hercules systems.

Radiation Protection

X-ray protection for installation, mobile use, and personal use

AADCO's extensive Mobile and Stationary radiation protection includes RayShield® X-ray Barriers, RayShield® Porta-Shield™, RayShield® Control Booths & Modular Shielding Panels, AADCO's Exclusive RayShield® Neuro-Shield, RayShield® SideWinder, RayShield® Intensi-Barrier™, and MRI-Safe® safety screening equipment. Custom manufacture is also available.

AADCO provides a myriad selection of personal Radiation Protection products.

X-Drape® Sterile Field Disposable X-ray Shields, RayShield® X-ray Protective Glasses, OptiSafe™ Disposable Eye Shields, ComfortLite™ X-ray Protective Aprons, ErgoLite® and X-Ban® Vests, Kilts, Aprons, and Protective Accessories, specialized X-ray Protective Gloves, racks, and accessories.

Some products are MRI-Safe®.

AADCO Imaging Equipment Catalog

View and/or Download the latest 64 page AADCO Imaging Equipment catalog.

AADCO manufactures and assembles Imaging Equipment of all types, including many that are MRI-Safe®.
Since we are the manufacturers, we can custom design and manufacture beyond what is the catalog. Please contact us for such.

We also recommend also downloading our Core catalog, which has almost everything, and our MRI-Safe® MR Equipment catalog.

AADCO Core Catalog 2018 (Volume 47)
AADCO MRI-Safe® Catalog

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