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Overhead Suspension Systems

The only MRI-Safe® Equipment Suspensions available anywhere.


AADCO Medical’s Hercules® Suspension Systems are the new standard in quality, durability and flexibility. Our Overhead Suspension Systems meet the needs and rigors of all of today’s Diagnostic & Interventional Lab Environments, including MRI-Safe® systems specially designed to operate safely in MRI environments tested to 3 Tesla.

Hercules® Systems are precision machined, high strength, aircraft grade aluminum alloy that is stronger than steel of equal weight. There are no cold welds, cheaply stamped parts or weak points to fail, in our Underwriters Laboratories (UL) validated and certified Hercules systems.

Hercules® Medium Duty Duty Arms handle loads up to 21 kg.(46 lbs). Available as either single or dual mount column for wall or ceiling.

Our medium lifter arm is available with internal wiring for powering examination and surgical lamps, and other medium weight devices.

Our Hercules® Heavy Lifter Counterpoised Arm has a dynamic load lifting range that is adjustable from 4 to 45 kg, (8.8 to 99 lbs). That’s delicate enough to handle a Procedure Lamp, and durable enough to lift a 3 over 3 LCD array.

Multiple Hercules® columns can be mounted on one ceiling track or individually fixed mounted. Custom track lengths are available to suit a wide variety of needs. Systems are available in either conventional or MRI-Safe® Models.

Patent 7,250,761 B1

Installation available in the contiguous United States. Travel charges may apply, depending on location. Please call for quotation.

Why Some Overhead Systems Fail

Why Hercules® Suspensions Systems are Durable

Better Design, Materials & Engineering, Makes The Best Suspension System.

Hercules® is designed, engineered, assembled and quality controlled in the USA.

AADCO designed and engineered Hercules® Suspension Systems to solve this problem.
Our American designed and engineered monoblock construction, made with high-grade USA aerospace materials, are light in weight and Heavy Duty in durability and performance. We’ve eliminated the weak points with an innovative American solution.

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